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Monday, October 24, 2022

What is cloud computing ?

     Cloud computing is the on demand IT delivery service over the internet. Company or organization of every type ,size and industry stores and managing data in the cloud. Now a days the on going demand of cloud storage is increasing asymptotically. Peta bytes of data are stored in the cloud servers. Companies use this data in the various use cases like business analytics ,revenue , stock prediction etc. To evaluate this use cases cloud storage provider companies like Amazon web service , Google Could , Azure etc provide us a virtual desktop where we can perform various activities like data backup, email, software development and testing , data analytics , Machine learning , Develop artificial intelligence etc. In our local computer we cannot perform these activities. Beacuse of computers donot have enough resources for high quality computing. But cloud computing provide us this facility. For example a bank have huge amount of data , they use these data to real-time  fraud detection , safe online transaction. Cloud computing is also used as a gaming engine for online gmaers and developers. Decentralised sytem is also used cloud computing which is one of the future technology of the era. 

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Why is it imporant  ?

Agility : Cloud computing gives access to the huge range of technology and features to computing the internet of things , machine learning ,artificial intelligence ,data lakes etc.

Elasticity : In the cloud storage we can scale the resources. We can increase the resources and decreases the resources.

Cost saving : only pay for the resources we consume.

Availability : Cloud storage and cloud computing services are globally available. It can be deploy from anywhere. 

Types of cloud computing 

  1. Infrastructure as a service(IaaS) : use for networking features and data storage 
  2. Plaform as a service(PaaS) : use development and deployment 
  3. Software as service(SaaS) : Use for end to end user application. 

Advantages :

  1. Backup and restore data 
  2. Cost effective 
  3. Availability 
  4. Pay per user model
  5. Unlimited storage 
  6. Computing power
  7. Data security 

Disadvantages :

  1. Internet connectivity 
  2. Limited control 
  3. Physically not available 
  4. Security


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