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Sunday, October 23, 2022

What is cloud storage ?

    Cloud storage is a data storing modal using computing over the internet. Basically it's a modal where we store data somewhere else which is not connected to our device. The importance and demand of cloud storage increases day by day. Cloud storage is a place where a large amount of data can be stored and managed. We can access this data using public or private internet. The providers securely store , manage and ensure network security. There are many cloud companies available which provide a dedicated storage. For example Amazon Web Service , Google Cloud , Azure ,Digital ocean etc. These cloud storage providers companies not only provide storage it provides many other features also.  With cloud storage to manage the data we need a compute engine, which can be called a virtual computer. We can customize the computer and change the computing power , storage , disk etc according to our choice. Moreover to analysing big data , machine learning models , other tools are also available .

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Why is cloud storage important ?

Cloud storage is cost effective and scallable. Whenever we wish ,we can change the storage , ram, image etc but in our local computer it's not easy to change at any time. Cloud storage is elastic, it means it can be scale up or down according to the demand. Also there defferent type of storage type available. For example if some data is used very rarely there is a different type of storage for this data, if some data is used frequently there is a different storage. Cloud storage also ensures security , device failure.

  1. Cost effective
  2. Increased agility
  3. Faster devlopment 
  4. Data management
  5. Scallable 


  • Cloud storage are cost effective 
  • Cloud storage are scallable
  • Accessibility over internet 
  • Easily recoverable 
  • Security 


  • Cloud storage is dependent on the internet. If internet accessibility is poor in some are we cannot access the cloud storage.
  • There may be some privacy issue.
  • Physically not available. 
  • Some providers cannot give proper customer support.
  • Sometimes there additional cost in using the other facilities.

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