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Best Free XML Sitemap generator

Best Free XML Sitemap generator

What is XML ?

 XML stands for extensible markup language and  file format for storing ,  transmitting and retrieving data.  It follows predefined rules to encode and decode data  from documents that are both human and machine readable.  Though  the most popular hypertext language is HTML, xml is used for various purposes.The main key difference between XML and HTML is,  HTML represent data of web pages that is instruction manner where as XML is a standard language and can represent the data of other languages in some standard format.

What is a sitemap ?

Basically sitemap is a schema of the website where different pages, blog posts, images are interlinked with each other. So by using these site maps we can track the website how it is working and how they are interlinked with various web pages and it is also used for retrieving the data in the easiest manner. There are two types of sitemaps, one is HTML sitemap and another is XML sitemap . HTML sitemap is used for users and developers and  XML sitemap is used for search engines like Google Yahoo Bing etc . By using this XML sitemap,  Google search engine identifies your website and indexes your website in the Google search engine and for this reason there is a traffic of users coming to your website and you are getting paid. 

How does the XML sitemap work ?

As we said, XML follows some certain rules to retrieve data and documents . The XML sitemaps allowed the search engine  what the website is all about, what are the contents available in the website, what are the tags and metatags available in the website. It helps the search engine to be available for crawling. 

Best free online sitemap generator

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